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7 min readAug 15, 2022


Retreats? Courses? Coaching? Labs? — Where to Start??

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What should I do to get started on my personal wellness journey?

You have decided to take control of your health! CONGRATS!

Now begins the (potentially arduous) journey of getting started.

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First things first — what NOT to do!

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  1. Do whatever {fill in the blank} influencer is doing.
  2. Start taking supplements based on what you THINK your symptoms are.
  3. Spend a lot of money on products and gadgets.

Many people fall into the trap of the “shiny new toy” and purchasing the thing that everyone is talking about. PLEASE DO NOT DO THAT. The whole point of personalized medicine is to be PERSONAL about it. The things that the influencers are doing is NOT what you should be doing. These influencers have been doing this for YEARS. They are optimized. As someone starting out, you need to focus on the basics before getting into the fancy, shmancy.



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